The Tree of Life traces the branching classification that shows the relationships between all living organisms. Users can navigate their way up the tree or search directly for a given taxonomic classification; illustrations and references enrich the trip.

The Biology Place is a subscription based site developed by a team of educators to provide instructors with biology teaching resources and students with rich and varied science activities that promote inquiry-based learning and critical analysis.

Insect Drawings at Illinois comes from the archive of the University of Illinois. This vast collection of insect illustrations serves as a visual overview of the various orders of insects, but they can equally well be enjoyed as fine art.

B-EYE opens up a whole new vista: the world as seen through the eyes of a honeybee.

CELLS alive! maintains an intriguing collection of images and animations of microscopic life; the site is organized into mini-essays. Despite the name, there are also some non-biological images here.

Visualizations of Viruses offers a collection of computer-rendered, false-colored images of virus particles. Who knew the polio virus was so beautiful? Serious researchers can generate custom-tailed images "on the fly."

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy displays an array of images showing the living world--insects, cells, biological molecules--as it appears at high magnification.

The Visible Human Project is supporting research to develop comprehensive, three-dimensional images of the human body. The project's web site includes cross-sectional views of the body and pointers to various medical visualizations.

Human Genome Project Information is the creation of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The site includes all of the latest news from the project, along with various educational resources.