Sites Listing Physics Classes on the Web

Frank Potter's Science Gems

O Mundo da Física - Projeto da UFRJ

Physics Courses & Hypertext Topics

University of Tennessee Physics courses

WEB Courses in the UO Physics Department

World Lecture Hall

World Lecture Hall - Physics

 Modern, University and General Physics

Modern Phy - Lecture notes, homework, all that good stuff (University of Colorado)

Physics in the Modern World - Lecture notes, quizes, exams, lab notes, exam notes

Physics 251,252,253 Foundations of Physics I (calc based sequence) (Univ of Oregon)

Phycs 101 - Gen. Phy: Mechanics, Heat, Sound (University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign)

Phycs 106P - Gen. Phy: Mechanics (University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign)

Math 120 - Introductory Calculus

Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology

Astronomy 121 The Solar System (University of Oregon)

Astronomy 123 Cosmology and the Origin of Life (University of Oregon)

Physics 208 Introduction to Astrophysics (University of Oregon)

Physics 209 Introduction to Cosmology (University of Oregon)

Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

Intro to Mechanics - Interesting stuff...including tutorials!

Quant Mech - Undergrad Quant course (lecture notes, homework, quizes...etc)

Visual Quantum Mechanics Topics in quantum mechanics (Kansas State)

Other Neat "Stuff"

Space and Time - Based on Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History of Time (interesting!)

Surface Physics - Grad course, but has some interesting information

Special Problems - "Advanced Problems" problem solving

Department of Physics Instructional Web Server

Courses with less complete materials

Phys207H / Phys208H Caculus based (syllabus, exams, etc, no lec.notes, UDeleware)

Tam 221 - Elementary Mechanics of Solids

Space Physics Tutorial Topics in Space Physics, interactive tutorial (UC - San Diego)

Electronic Textbook for PFP 94 Interdisciplinary in Chem., Math. & Physics (UPenn)

Physics 1000, Fall 1995 Introductory Physis, UColorado/Boulder

Physics Problems On the Web

The Interactive Physics Problem Set (interactive problems & solutions for mechanics topics)

Physics Laboratories on the Web

Project PHYSLab Experiments (A set of physics laboratory write-ups from Catlin Gabel School)

PROJECT CLEA HOME PAGE (Astronomy experiments from Gettysburg College)

Interactive Physics Experiments at UIC (Mac versions of interactive labs, U of Illinois-Chicago)