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PPF on line

The Durham-RAL HEP databases/HEPDATA

Particle Data Group

DURHAM Information Service

HEPIC - High Energy Physics Information Center

Experiments Online: Home Pages of HEP Experiments

Index - High-Energy Physics (WWW Virtual Library)

Index - High-Energy Physics - (Yahoo)

The Internet Pilot to Physics - TIPTOP

Titles In Physics - AIP Service

Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe - FIZ Karlsruhe (part of the The Scientific & Technical Information Network)

Japanese Information related to Science and Technology

Document Delivery Service from AIP

The Nasa Astrophysics Data System

Biblioteca do IFUSP

Top-cited Papers

Physicist's Encyclopædia

Eagle Intermedia's Particle Physics Page

High Energy Physics Information Center

MathSciNet Search (Serviço de procura da American Mathematical Society)

PINET Plus (AIP Service)

Rede Antares - Serviços de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia

WHO's On-line - Mathematician

Beilstein Information Systems