Chemist's Art Gallery gives visual substance to the often abstract world of chemistry. Many of the topics are rather abstract, but some of the computer renderings are spectacular and the site includes an exhaustive list of related links, some of them quite wonderful in their own right.

Conservation Online

Getty Conservation Institute

MathMol - molecular modelling for beginners

Periodic Table of the Elements, a product of Los Alamos National Laboratory, provides basic information on the history, properties and uses of each of the elements.

Periodic Table of the Elements.


The Chemistry Place is a subscription based site developed by a team of educators to provide instructors with chemistry teaching resources and students with rich and varied science activities that promote inquiry-based learning and critical analysis.

The Chemist's Art Gallery

WebElements is an interactive periodic table, the most sophisticated of its kind. Point and click for remarkably detailed information about the element of your choice. (Warning: it may tell you more than you really wanted to know.)